What Is the Perfect Age to Start Trampolining?

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Not sure how soon is too soon for your kid to start jumping up and down on trampolines? You must have heard the interesting story of the invention of the trampoline. Or you’ve heard how astronauts use trampolines in their training? Perhaps somebody’s told you that trampolines foster kids’ development.

Whatever it was, you’re right to ask when you can allow your child to begin trampolining. Trampolines are awesome, and letting your kid jump is a great idea if you choose a suitable indoor trampoline park in Peoria. Read on to find out when your kid should start trampolining!

What age should a child use a trampoline?

If you’re thinking of buying your kids a trampoline, or taking your kids to an indoor or outdoor trampoline park, know that kids are never too young to start trampolining. However, it is still important to make sure that your kids are safe on a trampoline at any age.

That is why we’ve decided to separate children into three age categories and provide you with guidelines on using trampolines for each of those categories.

  1. Trampolines before the age of three – kids under the age of three should avoid jumping on trampolines with older kids, but all reputable fun parks have small, padded trampolines designed for toddlers.
  2. Trampolines between the age of four and ten – Now, this is the perfect age for your kids to start trampolining on proper, bigger trampolines. We would recommend still being cautious with having the younger ones jump near older kids to avoid possible injuries.
  3. Trampolines after the age of eleven – By now, your children are probably trampolining pros. They may start to be more creative and daring when it comes to trying new manoeuvres. Be careful to not attempt any manoeuvres that are beyond your skill level or ability.

Is jumping good for toddlers?

Yes, jumping is vastly beneficial for toddlers, especially if you ensure their safety by letting them jump on a trampoline suitable for their age. Let’s take a closer look at the top five benefits of jumping for toddlers.

  1. Proper heart function – Jumping is an excellent cardiovascular exercise, and it will give your kids a healthy heart by promoting blood circulation through the entire body.
  2. Strong muscles – Also, jumping is simply good exercise, and it will strengthen their muscles.
  3. Balance and coordination – Jumping improves spatial awareness, which, in turn, improves your kids’ coordination and balance on solid ground.
  4. Lymphatic system – When kids jump, they activate their lymphatic systems, making their bodies manage toxin levels successfully, improving their immune systems.
  5. Reduced obesity risks – Jumping on trampolines will keep your toddlers active from an early age, and, chances are, those habits will stick with them, greatly reducing risk of current and future obesity.

“What is a good indoor trampoline park in Peoria to take my toddler to?”

Is jumping good for toddlers?Uptown Jungle in Peoria has a few different trampoline areas, including smaller trampolines in our enclosed toddler area. It’s the perfect place for the little ones to learn to jump safely and build those trampoline skills from a young age.

We’ve given it our all to make our indoor trampoline park the most modern, and the most fun trampoline park around. Our indoor park is fully equipped to provide unlimited fun to kids of all ages, including toddlers.

Uptown Jungle, Peoria Sports Complex, and others are just some of the great places in Peoria community that inspire the kids to stay active, healthy, and happy. Contact us today!